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NCB-275G Outdoor Wood Boiler


MSRP $7,880
(coal model add $600)

The NCB-275G is a new model for 2014. It has a larger door than the 250 and a taller firebox which will make loading easier.  
Draft air enters from the back into the firebox under the grates to get a hot clean burn. The G models also have air blowing into the top of the firebox to help burn up as much smoke as possible before it can leave via the chimney.
As with all models that Nature's Comfort builds, it has an easy read stainless steel float gauge.
It is rated to be able to heat up to a 8000 sq ft house with good insulation or 7500 sq ft if also heating domestic hot water.
These ratings are with well seasoned hardwood and just a general reference.
In southern Wisconsin they should be reduced by about 33% with average wood.
Green wood would have further reduce capacity


  • 380,000 BTU
  • Heating Area: Up to 8,000 sqft
  • Unit Size: 73L x 50W x 89H
  • Weight: 2113 lbs
  • Water Jacket: 275 gal, 7 gauge (3/16″)
  • Firebox: 23.4cu/ft (42D x 30W x 36H), 1/4″
  • Fuel Door: 27W x 25.5H
  • Blower: 250cfm

Download the NCB-275G manual


*Will heat up to 8000 sq ft (This must include all heated areas of home as well as basement) with proper installation, properly insulated building and when properly seasoned hardwood is used (20% moisture content), deduct a minimum of 500 sq ft if heating domestic hot water.
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