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PerformaFlex XT with R-Foam



Tough and Flexible  

Tested heat loss 0.67° and 1669.33 BTU per 100’ at 5 GPM*

PerformaFlex XT is our definitive answer to the solid foam pipes. It features excellent performance, flexibility, and extreme toughness. Within our 4” DUAL WALL outer casing you will find our proprietary R-Foam additive enhanced, radiant barrier covered, polyethylene foam. R-Foam has 40% higher thermal effectiveness than standard polyethylene foam. R-Foam is covered with a highly effective radiant barrier.

Z-Supply is the only underground supply manufacture to give you the R-Foam advantage. We have it manufactured for us to our specifications and laminate the radiant barrier to it ourselves.

We also have the EXTREME duty DUAL WALL outer casing manufactured to our specifications. The XT (Xtra Tough) outer casing remains very flexible with an 18” bending radius and no radiant barrier style insulated PEX product can match it for durability.

When you choose eZe Flex from Z Supply you can be sure you are getting the best value in underground supply.


  • Tested heat 0.67° F and 1669.33 BTU per 100’ at 5 GPM and under 63.5k BTU load*
  • Watts PEX standard. Meets F876 and F877 SDR-9 dimensional standards. NSF listed.
  • 1” and 1 ¼” Oxygen Barrier PEX also available.
  • DUAL WALL Outer Casing w/ 18” bending radius.
  • Available in lengths from 50’ to 500’ with 250’ rolls in stock.
  • 4 5/8” OD Outer Casing
  • Pull cord included.
  • End Cap Available – for a professional install, dead air space, resists pest.


* While we believe these results to be accurate and the installation to be typical, they are neither guaranteed nor warrantied and individual results may vary.



PerformaFlex XT carries the industries best warranty. The basic warranty covers manufacturers defect with a foot for foot replacement and for the life of the original purchaser.


PerformaFlex XT carries an additional 36 month warranty covering the time and trouble of replacement due to manufactures defect. The AMAZING REMEDIATION WARRANTY will pay up to $10.00 per foot to a maximum of $1000.00 per property per order.

Check with for further details.

PerformaFlex XT with available Endcap.

C:\Users\Jeff\Dropbox\BLU\PerformaFlex w Endcap.jpg


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