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Insulated Pex Pipes

looking for a cheaper option for insulated pipe? This product is most likely the same as your local dealer is offering. Pex and insulation is made in China. Assembled in the US. If you prefer 100% made in USA, click here.

5 Wrap  insulated Pex Pipes

Free Shipping on orders over $700*

Can include other qualifying parts to get to total


  3 and 5 wrap 2 line insulated pex
Available in lengths up to 300'+
3 wrap is 4-3/4" OD. 5 wrap is 5-3/4" OD
5 Wrap
3 Wrap
Triple Wrap
To order, Please call 608-438-8300 or email
Size and type 3 wrap per foot 5 wrap per foot
3/4" NB pex $3.48 $5.62
3/4" OB Pex $3.63 $5.76
1" NB Pex $4.12 $6.08
1" OB Pex $4.68 $6.44
1-1/4" NB Pex $5.58 $6.70
1-1/4" OB Pex $6.30 $7.41
1-1/2" NB Pex $6.52 $7.65
1-1/2" OB Pex $7.49 $8.61
1" pex-al-pex (1" ID) $5.44 $6.60
1-1/4" Pex-al-pex $8.17 $9.95
  3 and 5 wrap 4 line insulated pex
Available in lengths up to 300'+
5 wrap shown
Size and type 3 wrap per foot 5 wrap per foot
4x 3/4" NB Pex $4.78 $6.92
2x 3/4" OB Pex + 2x 3/4" NB Pex $4.93 $7.06
2x 1" NB Pex + 2x 3/4" NB Pex $5.42 $7.38
2x 1" OB Pex + 2x 3/4" NB Pex $5.98 $7.74
4x 1" NB Pex $6.72 $8.68
2x 1" OB Pex + 2x 1" NB Pex $7.28 $9.04
If you need all 4 OB Pex, call or email    

Free Shipping on orders over $700*

Can include other qualifying parts to get to total

* Free shipping applies to all area in US eastern and central time zones. Certain exceptions may apply to other locations in the lower 48 states but most areas should be free.

Non-insulated Pex Non-insulated Pex-al-Pex
 Length 100' 250'* 500'* 1000'*
1/2" NB $25 $60 $115 $220
1/2" OB $38 $90 $170 $330
3/4" NB $55 $130 $240 $450
3/4" OB $75 $175 $340 $660
1" NB $80 $190 $365 $700
1" OB $92 $220 $430 $850
1-1/4" NB n/a n/a $545 n/a
1-1/4" OB n/a n/a $725 n/a
1-1/2" NB n/a n/a $745 n/a
1-1/2" OB n/a n/a $965 n/a
 Length 300'* 600'* 1000'*
1/2" $110 n/a $340
3/4" n/a n/a $670
1" n/a $560 n/a
1-1/4" $750 n/a n/a
*Roll length availability may vary.
Free Shipping on non insulated Pex orders over $150**
  **Non insulated pex within the lower 48 states
Pex Tubing

Pex tubing is manufactured to SDR9 standards which is the same outside diameter as copper pipe but has a wall thickness 1/9th the diameter. You need to be real careful when you see something advertized like "true 1 inch" or "Not 1 inch OD like others" because 99% of the time they are selling metric pex and you may have a hard time finding fittings(especially when they don't tell you the real size) and you have no option for crimp fittings.  Also, if you ever have a problem and need to repair it you probably won't be able to find fittings locally.

NB= Non Oxygen Barrier Pex  OB= Oxygen Barrier Pex

OB usually isn't required unless you are running a pressurized system with no chemicals. It never hurts to use OB pex on an open system (open system has overflow tube at boiler) but is usually just a waste of money and doesn't make any difference.

* Non Barrier pex tubing is either Red or Blue throughout the pipe (inside and outside ).
* Oxygen Barrier pex tubing is either Red or Blue on the exterior but the inside will appear almost white.
(Example: the 3/4" Pex above is Non Barrier and the 1" Pex is Oxygen Barrier ( inside almost white ). )
* All Pex tubing is pressure rated at 80 psi @ 200 degrees and 100 psi @ 180 degrees.
* Our pex is complies with ASTM F876/F877 standards with ROHS certification


Pex-Al-Pex Tubing

Pex-al-pex is sold as inside diameter instead of copper tube size. It has a few advantages over normal pex. It doesn't expand in length so if you have an installation that can not allow for expansion when the pex gets hot you may want to consider it. Also the sizes fall between pex so it is also a good alternative if you need something a little bigger than 1" pex.

PEX-AL-PEX is made with an exterior layer of PEX then adhesive followed by a layer of aluminum, another layer of adhesive and finally a layer of PEX. The aluminum acts as an oxygen barrier so all PAP tubing is considered OB.

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