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* A few Nature's Comfort pre-epa Demo units still available for residential use. Call or email for details.

Residential or commercial use

The G100 is our smallest entry in of our gasification furnaces. It’s perfect for a home or small outbuilding and is compact enough to be easily installed indoors.

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Residential or commercial use

Our top selling gasification furnace, the G200 is a workhorse! Capable of supplying heat to a home and small shop or one large building. Ask us how the G200 can be put to work for you.

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Residential or commercial use

One of the largest gasification furnaces available, the capacity of this unit makes it suitable for many large load applications. It’s capable of heating up to 4 applications at the same time, a home and large shop or a commercial sized shop. It may be all you need for multi-building, high demand applications

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Commercial Model MF series and Coal C Series also available. For more details, go to  
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