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Circulator Pumps


Grundfos 15-58 Pump

Specifications: Flow range: 0-17 US gpm
Max Head 19 Feet 
3 Speed



Grundfos 26-99 Pump

 Specifications: Flow range: 0-32 US gpm
Max Head 30 Feet 
3 Speed


Xinhu pump


Armstrong 20-20CI

High efficiency - uses half the power of conventional pumps 

Specifications: Flow range: 0-20 US gpm
Max Head 20 Feet 
Variable speed

For great prices on other Armstrong pumps  please email or call.  


The pumps below are Dry Rotor
Armstrong pump


Armstrong E7.2 Pump  $325.00 
Armstrong E8.2 Pump   $325.00 
Armstrong E9.2 Pump 


E9.2 Specifications: - Flow range: 0-38 US gpm Max Head 42.4 Feet Click here for data
Pump flange set
Description 3/4" 1" 1-1/4"
Cast iron FTP Pump Flange Set $12.00 $10.00 $12.00
FPT  Ball Valve Flange Set $36.00 $50.00 $56.00
Sweat Ball Valve Flange Set $38.00 $50.00 $58.00
FPT Ball Valve w/purge Flange Set $56.00 $70.00 $76.00
Sweat Ball Valve w/purge Flange Set $58.00 $70.00 $78.00
Lux100 120v Thermostat $60.00
Fan Center used to control pump with standard low voltage wall thermostat $35.00
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