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Manifold Inlet & Outlet 1" Sweat.  (** 30x30 and 36x36 have 1-1/4" sweat connections)

12 Fins Per Inch, 3 Rows of 3/8" Tubes
Ports are on the side of the first number in the dimension size

*Flange at Header end varies. Usually flat but may have 1" flange like opposite end. Outside dimensions will be 1" larger with flange. Email or call to verify which options are available.

Discounts may be available for some sizes when shipped with insulated pipe. Email or call for details.



Fin Size Outside Dimensions Price
8"x8" *8"x9"x3-1/2"  
12"x6" *12"x7"x3-1/2"  
12"x12" *12"x13"x3 1/2"  
12"x15" *12"x16"x3-1/2"  
12"x18" *12"x19"x3 1/2"  
12"x21" *12"x22"x3-1/2"  
12"x24" *12"x25"x3-1/2"  
14"x10" *14"x11"x3-1/2"  
14"x14" *14"x15"x3 1/2"  
14"x16" *14"x17"x3-1/2"  
14"x18" *14"x19"x3 1/2"  
15"x15" *15"x16"x3 1/2"  
15"x18" *15"x19"x3 1/2"  
15"x21" *15"x22"x3 1/2"  
15"x24" *15"x25"x3 1/2"  
16"x16" *16"x17"x3 1/2"  
16"x18" *16"x19"x3 1/2"  
16"x20" *16"x21"x3 1/2"  
16"x22" *16"x23"x3 1/2"  
18"x18" *18"x19"x3 1/2"  
18"x20" *18"x21"x3 1/2"  
18"x22" *18"x23"x3 1/2"  
18"x24" *18"x25"x3 1/2"  
19"x20" *19"x21"x3 1/2"  
20"x19" *20"x20"x3 1/2"  
20"x20" *20"x21"x3 1/2"  
20"x22" *20"x23"x3 1/2"  
20"x25" *20"x26"x3 1/2"  
22"x22" *21"x23"x3 1/2"  
22"x25" *22"x26"x3 1/2"  
24"x24" *24"x25"x3 1/2"  
Installation Bracket  One Size fits all 
Free shipping when ordered with heat exchanger from this list

Please Contact us for more info or with any questions
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